Welcome to Odin the Wanderer.org - a site devoted to the connections and common ground between Zen, the Northern Mysteries, and an unceasing fascination with human consciousness and the search for gnosis.

Here we endeavour to explore the manner in which Odin sought wisdom and meaning within the realm of Midgard, and how this might provide guidance for us today.

While we respect any attempts to engage with the Gods of our ancestors, ours is a path that seeks to use receptivity and deep listening as the tools for recapturing a way forward on our own heroes' journeys.

Northern Mysteries

"There Valgrind stands, the sacred gate,
And behind are the holy doors;
Old is the gate, but few there are
Who can tell how it tightly is locked."
Grimnismol 22

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"Our own lives are the instrument with which we experiment with truth."
Thich Nhat Hanh

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